ESVAGT - Safety and support at sea

At ESVAGT, safety always comes first. ESVAGT was born from a love and respect for the sea; safety is imbedded in ESVAGT’s DNA and after 40 years, our safety commitment is as strong as ever. 


Making the sea a safe place to work has been ESVAGT’s mission from day one. And ESVAGT has always been able to honour this mission: To date, 148 people have been rescued from the sea by ESVAGT and more than 215,000 personnel members have been safely transferred between ESVAGT’s Service Operation Vessels (SOVs) and offshore wind farm installations.

ESVAGT is built on the ability to navigate any wave and situation safely. Whether it is responding to an emergency with our Fast Rescue Boats or safely transferring people between SOVs and the offshore wind farm installations, the combination of skills, competences, mindset and equipment sets ESVAGT apart as the preferred safety partner.