Welcome on board ESVAGT

ESVAGT is an international business, where every employee is given the opportunity to develop their professional competencies. We are a company synonymous with high quality and safety standards. A high level of quality and safety is particularly derived from our highly skilled employees. Maybe you want to be one of us?

Do you want to join us?
If you have a maritime education, or if you want to have one, we would like to hear from you. If you rather prefer to have your feet firmly on the ground, look at our job openings at our headquarters in Esbjerg.

Whatever you prefer to work offshore or onshore we will like to welcome you onboard ESVAGT.


Even the most advanced ship is no better than the crew serving it. That’s why we want our ships to be staffed with seamen who knows what it takes and are able to work close together on a ship 24 hours a day, week after week. If you have what it takes, we will like to hear from you.

ESVAGT currently has approximately 200 ordinary ship assistants on internships on our 46 ships. We are focusing on targeted training and education of the individual employee and offer the opportunity to make an exciting career.

ESVAGT is proud to be the shipping company with the most maritime internships in Denmark and we also highly encourage women to work in the shipping industry. We are committed to give equal opportunities for all gender.

ESVAGT er en international virksomhed, med gode muligheder for at udvikle sig jobmæssigt. Vi søger løbende personale til både stillinger på land og på søen. Herunder finder du oversigt over aktuelt ledige stillinger.

ESVAGT har i øjeblikket cirka 200 ubefarne skibsassistenter i praktik på vores 46 skibe. Der er konstant fokus på målrettet træning og uddannelse af den enkelte medarbejder og mulighed for efterfølgende at gøre videre karriere på et ESVAGT skib.