Rescue mission - M/S Silva

Rescue mission - MS Silvia - ESVAGT


  • Cargo vessel M/S SILVA in distress due to engine breakdown and heavy list
  • Weather ESE 18 m/s, waves 3½ - 4 m significant equal max sea app. 7 metres
  • 12 crew rescued by wet evacuation
  • Excellent cooperation between helicopter and vessel
  • More vessels involved as back-up
  • Operation performed by crew change vessel (not fitted as an ERRV)
  • FRC launched and recovered 3 times
  • No injuries or near miss situations occurred.


On the 22nd October 2003 at 0505 hours ESVAGT ALPHA received a distress call from Cambodian vessel M/S SILVA. ESVAGT ALPHA was on her return to Esbjerg from crew change of ESVAGT standby/rescue vessels with 43 crew onboard.

The SILVA carried a cargo of timber incl. a deck cargo. The vessel had a list of app. 35 - 40 degrees due to the deck cargo having shifted.

The crew declined evacuation before daylight.

As the crew onboard the SILVA apparently had no survival suits and only traditionally lifesaving appliances 12 survival suits were delivered from ESVAGT ALPHA by means of rescue helicopter.

Between 0835 and 0858 12 crewmembers jumped into the sea, one by one in groups of three, to be picked up by the waiting FRC from ESVAGT ALPHA.